Stickywilds Casino

Stickywilds Casino

STICKYWILDS Casino is a popular online casino in the CIS that offers you to play your favorite casino games. Today we have a variety of slots, slot machines, video poker, roulette, blackjack, keno, as well as many other gambling entertainment for fans of gambling. At our casino you have the opportunity to try your luck in online poker for real money with the best players, earn in a short time decent money.

Slot machines

At the online casino STICKYWILDS the following types of slot machines:

  • Roulette. This is a slot machine where you will have to bet on red or black during the game. In this slot machine, the user can get a lot of money if luck is on your side.
  • Jackpot is the jackpot that is given to the winner when playing various slot machines.
  • Card games. It is possible to play a game of “Poker” in any slot machine. For this, the player must have a bankroll of $4,000, which he can replenish with a deposit on a special site. In case of winning, the player receives the winnings.
  • Game console. In this online slot machine, as in the main, and all slot machines, the player can try his luck in the game for real or virtual money.
  • Poker. The online casino has the ability to play the game of poker for real money. To do this, you must have the necessary amount of money in your account.

To play poker you can play for real and virtual money, and the bets you make will depend entirely on your desire. This casino slot machine is a classic with quite bright and wide elements that will not leave you indifferent.

In the slot machine Grosvcor you will see Red and Blue Symbols. The machine also includes five reels and twenty lines which will help you in the game. The peculiarities of this casino should be known to everyone, because it is one of the leaders in the gaming market, which is in demand among players.

Bonus policy

STICKYWILDS online casino gives players the opportunity to bet on any game they’re interested in, including bonus games. The amount of the bonus depends on the event option you choose. One hundred percent bonus on your first deposit. Up to $10,000.

On registration, the bonus allows the player to receive up to 10% of the amount deposited. The type of bonus depends on the method of making a deposit – deposited at an ATM or electronically. In one case, the player will need to deposit between £10 and £300, and in the other, between £20 and £500. In addition, when making a deposit electronically, the player does not need to submit identification information, just have an electronic copy of the passport in hand:

  • Poker Bonus. On first deposit the casino offers 10% bonus: first deposit – from $5 to $1000, 10% – from €5 to €100; second deposit – up to €50, 20% – from €50 to €400; third deposit – €100, 20% – from €200 to €1000; fourth deposit – $500, 30% – €1000. Gold Bet Bonus 10% on the first deposit. The maximum amount of the bonus is $10. Analogous to the gaming bonus with GloboTech bonus policy. If the player decides to leave the game, he will, in any case, be entitled to a bonus of 10% up to $500.
  • Referral Bonuses. In any case, the amount of each referral bonus is calculated by taking into account the accumulated amount of bonuses for all possible deposits in your game account. Each player receives a reward for each total bet of 5%. The period of validity of bonus rewards is one year from the moment of their accrual.
  • The maximum bonus period is from $10 to $2000 with one bonus game for every 10,000 deposits, depending on which buy-in you want to use to play poker at STICYWELDS Casino.

There are many other bonus offers running at the casino. Let’s try to list some of them. For those who prefer to play poker online casino constantly and regularly. There are $100,000 in bonus offers every day. But you can’t miss a single day, not a single drawing, during the grace period.

Casino lottery. This is an extra $50 to your deposit when you sign up. Naturally, the bonus offers are formed depending on our preferences and budget (there are also elite vip bonuses inside the casino). But the main thing to do before you choose a bonus is to take a good look at all the terms and conditions of the bonus you’re interested in and how to deposit it.

Before carefully examining the terms and conditions under which bonuses are offered, it’s worth saying a little about the game you’re playing. After all, it’s the game you choose that will determine your chances of getting the bonuses. Most players prefer to bet and play roulette.
The minimum bet is one cent, and the maximum is as much as $10.

The main advantage of roulette is that you can play for free, without registration. You do not need to go through all the levels, spend time on registration, enter your personal data and money, and certainly do not need to issue a credit card. Of course, the disadvantages are the possibility to miss out completely by accident, because the casino wags this money.

For those who prefer not quite a rumba, and more Latin American lifestyle casino offers to play the club game “Feria. The essence of the game is to pay the Vulcan slot machines which are in the room. In club games there is an opportunity to make large bets, but for this you will need to collect a complete collection of poker chips. After that, you can play by the usual rules, but you can get even more money if you take at least one more such game. If you don’t like to play by the rules, then choose slots and blackjack.

Pay attention! Casino bonuses are not given out in all online establishments, but in those where there are bonuses – they are the most important element for them. Online casinos have the opportunity to get a bonus on your first deposit. To get the bonus you need to go through a simple registration procedure and deposit your account at the casino. The resulting bonus you can spend at your discretion.

Withdrawing money

Money at StickyWilds online casino can be withdrawn in several ways:

  • To Visa or MasterCard. This is the easiest and fastest way. You are only required to fill out a form on the website.
  • Transfer via Western Union. This service not only takes a few percent for this service, but also sends the money to the account specified in the application.
  • Transfer to a cell phone account. Here the transfer procedure is much easier and simpler, because you just dial the number of the service and transfer the desired amount.

The bottom line is

Thus, the popular online casino StickyWilds is undoubtedly a good and reliable place. For those who value safety and security, this is the place to go because it’s a real virtual casino where you can spend your time doing something nice and also earn big money. Support service works every day and always responds to questions from users and regular customers. Because of this you can be fully confident in the casino.

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